Olive Grove Missionary Baptist Church

Welcome to Olive Grove Missionary Baptist Church

Thank you for Visiting Olive Grove Missionary Baptist Church. We look forward to sharing with you Almighty God's word, and his message for salvation, redemption and grace.

Our Mission is to compel men, women, boys, and girls to present themselves acceptable to God, as we make sacrifice of our mind, body, soul, and resources. Our desire is to prove God's perfect will in the body of Christ known as Olive Grove Missionary Baptist Church. Come Join us in worship



Deaconess, Carolyn Hawkins, Hospitality Committee

Come home to Olive Grove

Are you looking for a Home Church? A place where God's Word and Spirit will embrace you and your family. Olive Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Littleton North Carolina is a community of warm, loving members who though not perfect, follow a perfect example, in our lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We are a community of believers who look to share the good news that we are all redeemed by faith. It would be our pleasure to welcome you into our fellowship of grace, where are things are possible by faith.


Olive Grove Welcomes Its Newest Member

The youngest new member of Olive Grove MBC, Alexis Williamson, is welcomed into the community by her Mother Brenda Williamson , Grandma, Martha Williamson, Alice Clayton and Pastor, Charles E. Walton at worship service on February 19th.


Special Events

Choir Anniversary


"Let the Redeemed Say So"

Sunday, August 13th 2017, Olive Grove Missionary Baptist Church celebrated one of the most successful Homecoming Services in recent memory. The Featured Preacher for the annual event was Reverend Charles E. Walton, Pastor of Olive Grove MBC, who preached from psalms verse 107:2 "Let the Redeemed Say So."

Addressing the gratitude and thanks we should have for the Lord whose goodness and mercy endures forever, Pastor Walton reminded the audience of how far the lord has brought each of us. The attendees raising there hands in approval interrupted his powerful sermon with shouts of praise in acknowledgement of God's grace and blessing in their lives.

Closing his sermon, Rev. Walton reminded the attendees that when they reflect on the goodness of Jesus and all that God has done for all of us, the "Redeemed of the Lord Should Say So." The homecoming audience came to their feet and applauded with approval.

Come Hear The Olive Grove Senior Choir

Meet Rev. Roy Fleming, Minister of Music

Welcome Rev. Roy Fleming, our New Minister of Music.  We are so pleased that God has sent The Rev. Roy Fleming to Olive Grove MBC.  “Rev. Fleming is a well sought after musician and we are thankful to have him.”  says Rev. Charles Walton, Pastor.

Rev. Fleming has been a pastor, a Church Musician, a High School Band and Choir Director and he also gives private music (piano and organ) lesions.   

The Olive Grove Choir

On your next visit to our region please visit our Worship Service and be inspired by the Olive Grove Mass Choir.

Featured in our choir are first row; left to right Annie Pleasant, Pattie Bullock, Christine Sellers, Lillian Walker. Second row left to right; Deloris Hawkins, Ethel Harrison, Lara Powell, Reggie Carter. For contact information and the dates of their performance please click the links below.

Contact us for more on our choir.

In Memorium

Mrs Thelma Byrd

In Memorium

"We are confident, I say and willing to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord."
2 Corinthians 5:8
Olive Grove Missionary Baptist Church celebrates the lives and contribution of our two Saints, Deaconess, Virginia Hawkins and Deacon, Marvin Goins Howard.


Associations We Take Pride In


915 Eaton Ferry Rd, Littleton, NC 27850

Times of Service

WORSHIP SERVICE: 11:00 Every 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Sunday

MORNING PRAYER:  9:00 am Sunday  SUNDAY SCHOOL: 9:30 am Sunday

BIBLE STUDY: Every Wednesday - 12:00 Noon and 6:00 pm

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to your visit to our church. Please call us if you have any questions concerning any of our services or directions to Olive Grove. Do you require transportation? Please call us to arrange suitable arrangements.

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